Though I have chosen not to participate on review boards, I recognize the importance of testimony to experience. I’m also not above receiving the occasional well placed compliment.

4 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. If you’re anywhere near Lucy, go out of your way to get together with her. She combines everything you could hope to find — gorgeous, fun, great to talk to, and an experience you’ll fantasize about months after. Highly recommended.

  2. Best of the best. Intelligent, classy and oh so sexy! Like an angel from another era. She exceeded all expectations and than some. Don’t let this opportunity pass if you have a chance to see Lucy!

  3. I am a frequent visitor to New Orleans both for business and pleasure. After spending several evenings with Lucy over the past twelve months I can confidently say there is no greater pleasure in New Orleans than Lucy. Lucy is the most sensual woman I have ever met. Smoldering sensuality and a generous soul. Smart and funny. Our next evening together can’t come soon enough.

  4. My husband and I met Lucy for cocktails at a gorgeous, intimate bar with old world charm. Our conversation was delightful and provided plenty of laughs. We discussed the rest of the evening before we departed, and the fun continued. I felt comfortable at all times and thoroughly enjoyed myself. We hope our paths cross with Lucy again in the future!

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